Solar Activated Facade (SAF) - A New Kind of High Performance Insulation System!


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"Changes in sustainable design/build philosophy are challenging architects and builders to reconsider what constitutes sound building practices, in terms of building performance, construction materials, passive-house design strategies, energy modeling, smart-growth measures, etc., to the extent that many “sustainable” products are undergoing increased scrutiny on how much their chemical compositions and embedded energies may be contributing to the carbon footprint."

SAF is a unique, innovative cladding system comprised of glass and wood that captures passive solar energy (heat) to reverse the energy gradient in walls effectively reducing the need for insulation as well as heating and cooling inputs. The power of its effectiveness lies in the ability of the system to absorb and store solar energy within thus drastically increasing the R-value of the entire wall above and beyond what can be achieved with standard insulation products.

This simple yet sophisticated system uses only natural and abundant materials that can be fully recycled at the end of its life cycle making this a truly sustainable product.

SAF can be applied in both new and retrofit construction of residential, commercial and public buildings, both single and multistory. It has been repeatedly tested at Empa Switzerland (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), and applied on over 100 new and retrofit buildings in Switzerland and surrounding countries.

Long-term energy savings is one’s most important motive for choosing a sustainable system such as SAF, but others include: (1) The material efficiency with which its high-performance level can be achieved, thus saving valuable resources; (2) added living space through thinner walls; (3) low maintenance; (4) long lifecycle; (5) high recyclability; (6) exclusive architectural appeal;  (7) low embedded energy and (8) optionally the production of renewable electricity. All of these incentives together promote immediate savings and long-term value, which makes SAF an ideal product for a sustainable environment and economy.

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We challenge architects and builders to reconsider what constitutes sound building practices!



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SAF  has been successfully established in Europe for over 15 years... 

... is now coming to North America! 

--> Bildmarke NA  Nelson Architech GmbH owns the exclusive rights to market and distribute this patented facade system in the U.S.